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HAHAHA!  It’s been awhile since we’ve had any news on the LOHAN MAYHEM!!!!!!!! front, but oh man, this is hilarious.  Apparently, Lindsay Lohan is a “secret celebrity hoarder.”  When I saw this headline in Us, I got super duper excited because I thought it meant LiLo would be on the crazy addictive (and just plain crazy) A&E show “Hoarders”, but it turns out she’s just appearing on “The Insider” with Niecy Nash, who also hosts that “Clean House” show.  Whatever.  I’m disappointed, yet still vastly amused.

Is Lindsay Lohan a secret celebrity hoarder?

“I just need to get rid of … stuff,” the 23-year-old star says in a teaser for an exclusive interview on The Insider. “That’s personal stuff that I have to work on.”

That “stuff” has apparently taken over the actress’ home. According to The Insider, her bedroom has turned into a warehouse of shoes and her living room is filled with clutter, including racks upon racks of clothes.

In the interview, set to air Thursday, Niecy Nash — host of the Style Network’s Clean House reality show — has a sit-down with Lohan, who may be using hoarding as a coping mechanism for the estranged relationship she has with her father, Michael Lohan.

“It’s kind of a sore subject,” she says in the teaser, which promises to reveal her “private pain” for the very first time.

Yeah, her house is kind of a hot mess, but I’ve seen “Hoarders” about a hundred times so I ain’t impressed.  I don’t even see any dead animals or piles of rotting food, and that preview clip didn’t show Lindsay pitching a fit and crying because someone was trying to throw away an old Taco Bell cup or a tampon receipt from 1993 or anything.  It basically just looks like her house is stuffed to the rafters with (most likely stolen) designer merchandise, and she’s pretending like it’s all because of her jackass father and his mesh shirts.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Lindsay Lohan isn’t nearly insane enough for real, hardcore hoarding.  Your hoarding is minor league, Lohan.  You’ll never make it to The Show without at least one cat skeleton and a rodent infestation.

Lindsay Lohan at the Warner Brothers Golden Globes after-party

Lindsay Lohan is dedicated, y’all.  She won’t let a formal event like the Golden Globes stop LOHAN MAYHEM!!!!!!!! from railroading its way through 2010, no siree.  Lindsay threw on the first sparkly hoodie dress she found wadded in a ball in the corner of her closet (under the bong and those “borrowed” pants with coke in the pocket) and she sprayed herself with approximately 13 gallons of Sevin Nyne (so she’d have that nice Oompa Loompa glow) and she crashed the Warner Brothers Golden Globes after-party.  Who needs an invitation, anyway?  Not this girl!

It’s like she thinks she’s Grace Jones, except orange and blonde and retarded:

Lindsay Lohan at the Warner Brothers Golden Globes after-partyLindsay Lohan at the Warner Brothers Golden Globes after-partyLindsay Lohan at the Warner Brothers Golden Globes after-partyLindsay Lohan at the Warner Brothers Golden Globes after-partyLindsay Lohan at the Warner Brothers Golden Globes after-partyLindsay Lohan at the Warner Brothers Golden Globes after-party

Lindsay Lohan

Remember when Lindsay Lohan went to India for like five minutes and pretended to save 40 kids from child trafficking?  Well, now you can see a clip of the BCC documentary filmed during that trip, in which Lindsay apparently sits down and asks an old lady a couple of vague, mumbled questions.  It is riveting stuff, y’all.  It looks like now that we’ve got Lindsay on the case, child trafficking and prostitution will be a thing of the past!

I guess Lindsay Lohan is just like Mother Theresa, if Mother Theresa was still alive and had a hearty bowl of Valtrex for breakfast every morning and spent her days stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down in between banging anyone who would stand still long enough.

In other news, Lindsay tried to hook up with Adam Lambert this weekend, because Lindsay does a lot of blow and sometimes that makes her forget that she doesn’t have a penis.


Just this past weekend, Lindsay Lohan cracktweeted her little heart out about how “drama-free” her 2010 was going to be.  To the surprise of absolutely no one, that master plan went to hell in a handbasket in only a couple of days.  Lindsay is a failure in every way, however, so of course things are getting more ridiculous by the minute.  From People:

Merely a week after plans to expand her leggings line 6126 into a full fashion line hit the internet — complete with sketches — Lindsay has been accused of copying designs by two separate designers, reports WWD. First, James Lillis, designer of Black Milk Clothing, took to his blog,, to point out the similarities between Lindsay’s “Diamond” leggings and his own “Sheer Spartan” leggings — both of which boast a signature triangle cutout at mid-thigh. Next, labeled Lindsay’s geometric dress as a dead ringer for a Jen Kao dress the star wore only last month — to which designer Jen Kao responded to WWD, saying, “While we are all well aware that being ‘mimicked’ or ‘copied’ has always existed in this industry, I think the evolution of it all has grown to an alarming level. It’s a shame to support the concept of taking advantage of designers who are still trying to develop a name and solidify the image of their design aesthetic.” While Lindsay has yet to respond to the accusations against her, Kristi Kaylor, president of 6126, defended Lindsay and the integrity of her designs to WWD, saying, “The alleged ‘copying’ claims made by these companies are false and have absolutely no merit or validity whatsoever. Any alleged similarities are purely coincidental. The 6126 illustrations for the upcoming fall 2010 collections do not even describe the fabric content, fit or actual construction details of the garments. This is merely an accusation based upon a pencil sketch with no concrete viable evidence to back up the allegations.”

Are you goddamn kidding me?  “Alleged” similarities?  Get the fuck out.  The 6126 “Diamond” leggings sketch is shown here on the left, and Black Milk Clothing’s “Sheer Spartan” leggings are shown on the right.

Lindsay Lohan's "Diamond" leggings design (left) is a direct copy of Black Milk Clothing's "Sheer Spartan" leggings (right)

Image via Too Many Tights

And here’s the dress design Lindsay stole from Jen Kao:

Lindsay Lohan directly copied a Jen Kao dress design for her 6126 clothing line

Image via Fashionista

These are not “alleged similarities” and I can’t believe that anyone, even coked-up Lindsay Lohan and her retarded lackeys, would have the unmitigated gall to dump such a ridiculous bucket of bullshit.  These 6126 sketches are goddamn identical to the work of other designers.  Jesus, at this point it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Lindsay Lohan drew a picture of the Eiffel Tower in crayon and then claimed she built it.

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