Terrence Howard’s estranged wife Michelle got a restraining order against him this morning after claiming Terrence “constantly beats her and threatens to kill her.” Good thing my dog can’t file restraining orders, then. TMZ says:

Michelle Howard filed court documents claiming Terrence began beating her up just 7 days after they were married in January 2010, [claiming] Howard “slugged me across my face and neck” … and threatened to throw her off a balcony.

Michelle claims the violence continued throughout their marriage — with Terrence allegedly:

– smacking her in the face and chipping her tooth with his wedding ring
– throwing her down to the ground in a parking lot
– telling her, “I’ll hit a woman quicker than I’d hit a man”
– Saying, “If you tell anyone about my personal business, I will kill you and no one will ever know
– Screaming, “Bitch, walk home. That’s my car, I pay for it.”

Terrence, of course, vehemently denies the charges, and for what it’s worth, he’s gotta couple of charges of his own:

Terrence filed legal papers… claiming Michelle had been threatening to “release private materials to 3rd parties for her own personal financial gain” unless he paid her money.

Sources connected to the case [said] the material in question includes a video of Howard singing naked in the shower.

I bet we’ll all have a good laugh once everyone realizes the “third party” she’s seeking is America’s Funniest Home Videos. They’re the only people I could ever see having a vested interest in this. Seriously, the only way I’d ever pay to see a video of Terrence Howard singing naked in the shower is if at the end, somebody threw in a couple of ferrets and held the curtain shut.

With his wife in Cannes earlier this year:

PHOTO SOURCE: Fame Pictures

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