More details in the Shania Twain divorce have come to light, and it turns out that her husband of fourteen years, Mutt Lange, was boning her best friend and manager of their Swiss estate, 37-year old Marie-Anne ThiƩbaud. People Magazine says

“Mutt and Anne-Marie left their spouses for each other and are still in a relationship,” says one source, adding that the she was a fixture in the household Twain, 42, and Lange, 59, shared with their son. “Their two families would vacation and spend holidays together. Shania considered Marie-Anne one of her best friends. [She is] devastated… this came out of left field.”

Way to upgrade, Mutt! Marie-Anne ThiĆ©baud looks like she could be Sandra Bernhard’s ugly twin sister, and Shania Twain’s, well, Shania freakin’ Twain. It’s like trading in your Ferrari for a rusted out five-speed with no seat and a bent front wheel. And also a grocery sack full of bread pudding where the tits are supposed to be.


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