Wannabe likeable guy Chris Brown goes all “aw-shucks” about that nude picture he took of himself and then put on the internet. Excuse me while I gag. Digital Spy says,

Chris Brown has been forced to reveal details surrounding the recent leaked naked photo of himself that is currently circling the web.

The ‘Yeah 3x’ star was interrogated about the picture during a radio interview that was part of a promo tour for his new album F.A.M.E.

The star confirmed that the picture was “definitely sent to a girl”, while laughing and blushing.

“It was an out-of-the-shower shot,” he told the Big Boy’s Neighbourhood radio show.

When asked what he was doing in the shower, the star responded: “Just washing – what else do you do in the shower?”

The singer was then asked by a female presenter whether he was having “happy thoughts” in the shower and if he was alone. He replied: “No. I was alone, but I wasn’t excited. I wasn’t hot.”

There’s only one reason that someone would say that a wiener picture was “definitely sent to a girl”. G-A-Y. That’s like announcing out loud in the sex shop that you’re buying condoms and anal lube “to really give it hard to a girl“. They didn’t believe my ex-husband either. I sure as hell never got to use any of that anal lube. I guess he only cared about his gay lover’s comfort.

The butt-monkey in LA with a Buzz Lightyear necklace:

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