Lisa Rinna debuted her new less-hemorrhoidy lip at a Borders in New York yesterday while promoting her latest book “Starlit.” She said of her new mouth (via Nine MSN):

“I had never thought I could do anything about [my old lip] — you have silicone put in and that is that,” she [said]. “When I found out you could reduce it I said, ‘Yes, lets do it.’”

Lisa said she was surprised at how much she got bagged out for having a giant pecker.

“For 24 years I had this lip… I think everyone guessed it but I just never said it was true, and when I came out and said it, it just opened the floodgate.”

But don’t worry — Lisa’s old lip has been given a new home, where it can have lots of room to roam free and be outside. It’s the “farm upstate” for discarded collagen pouts. Just look at how happy it is to be with its own kind!

PHOTO SOURCE: Fame Pictures

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