Here’s a sexy spread that Oksana Pochepa, the chick that supposedly did in Mel Gibson’s marriage, shot for Russian Maxim a few years back. You’ll note that Russian Maxim is kinda of like our Maxim, only instead of “never ending cycle of insurmountable poverty” they say “socialism,” and instead of “flies” they say “our national bird.”



Russian pop singer/model Oksana Pochepa is claiming to be piece of ass responsible for the demise of Mel Gibson’s marriage, but the women pictured with him in Costa Rica and on the set of his new movie look nothing like her. The Daily Mail says

Oksana Pochepa, 24, said she was the unidentified female photographed with the star during his Boston shoot of new movie Edge Of Darkness. She said she was also with him on holiday in Costa Rica.

However, the fair Miss Pochepa looks very different to the dark-haired woman who visited Gibson in Boston. The woman who embraced Gibson on a Costa Rican beach also bears little resemblance to Pochepa, leaving Mel linked to and pictured with no less than four women.

Mel Gibson might be a confirmed drunk and a whoremonger, but I don’t know if we can trust this Oksana chick. Something about her story doesn’t add up. And it’s not like Russians haven’t been caught lying before. Like last year when they claimed they were still a democracy and that one time they said they weren’t drunk. I’ll believe that when I see it!

All the various kitty he’s been linked to, and a bonus Oksana music video after the jump.


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