Britney Spears filmed her cameo on Fox’s “Glee” yesterday. Forgive me if I don’t titter with anticipation. She tweeted:

what’s up GLEEKS? Having so much fun on set!! Can’t wait for you guys to see the episode!

About to do my first shot of the day for Glee tweeties! Here we goooo!

So funny! Love this! You GLEEKS Ready? I cant wait !!!

I thought “gleek” was that squirt thing your spit glands do when you open your mouth really wide and lift your tongue. You know, like during a really big yawn? Like you were sitting on the couch bored out of your skull watching an extensively-hyped but painfully overrated TV show, and and then you let loose with a really big yawn and wind up gleeking all over the… on second thought, it’s starting to make sense now.

Believe it or not, this weave is actually an improvement:

PHOTO SOURCE: Fame Pictures

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