Christina Aguilera announced yesterday that she had canceled the summer tour for her new album Colonic Bionic to focus on her acting career. Live Nation released the following statement:

Christina Aguilera’s summer tour has been moved to 2011 due to prior commitments that the singer had made to her film, ‘Burlesque,’ and to the promotion of her new album, ‘Bionic.’ The singer felt she needed more time to rehearse the show and with less than a month between the album release and tour dates this wasn’t possible.

But of course, that’s not the real reason it’s been “postponed.” The Daily Mail says

There has been speculation that the disappointing response to Aguilera’s new album and poor sales of concert tickets are the real reason for the cancellation.

Despite attempting to promote the new record by posing naked for the cover of GQ magazine and releasing a racy video for single Not Myself Tonight, Bionic only reached a disappointing number 23 on the U.S. album charts last month.

The reported poor sales will undoubtedly be a blow to Aguilera, who had attempted to reinvent herself for the new release. ‘Bionic’ is her first album since she took time off to have her son in 2008.

It’s been two years since she’s been on the radio? Really? Huh. I can honestly say I didn’t realize it’d been that long. It’s not like there was a conspicuous absence of Top Forty puke on the airwaves. The New Babylonian machine makes sure to maintain the ranks — one shitty pop artist is replaced by another shitty pop artist before you even noticed the first one went missing. Time to face facts, Xtina: you’re totally expendable. Just like the Alaskan coastline and West Virginia coal miners.

Whitney Houston is postponing her tour in the UK after being inexplicably hospitalized in Paris late last week. Her record company claimed she’d been stricken with a respiratory infection, while her publicist issued a statement denying she had any health problems at all. One thing’s for sure, though — Whitney’s definitely in the hospital, and she’s definitely not performing this month. According to Nine MSN

The troubled singer has landed herself in hospital in Paris and has had to postpone the first three dates of her sellout UK tour.

Whitney’s ‘illness’ comes after widespread reports the former drug addict has gone back to crack while traveling on her worldwide comeback tour.

She was reportedly seen snorting cocaine with her ex-husband Bobby Brown at an LA bar last month.

“I saw her pull a plastic bag out, put a folded bill to her nose and discreetly snort a line from it, of what to me certainly looked like cocaine,” an onlooker told In Touch. “She’s extremely thin and looks like a disaster.”

This is usually where I’d pose a rhetorical question as to where it all went so terribly wrong, but I’m not going to do that here. Experience has taught me that there are some questions in life for which nobody really wants an answer, like “What the fuck is your problem?” or “Where did you get this picture?” or “Why aren’t you wearing any pants?” or “Is that blood?” Sometimes you can say it best by saying nothing at all. Unless you’re in front of a judge, in which case saying nothing at all is considered contempt of court and punishable by up to five years in jail and a $2,000 fine. The more you know…

PHOTO SOURCE: Pacific Coast News

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