2011 has been a stellar year for Christina Aguilera thus far — getting arrested for public intoxication, passing out at parties to which she wasn’t invited, forgetting the words to the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, falling onstage at the Grammys, and putting on about twenty extra pounds and a couple of mystery bruises in the process. That’s multitasking, my friends! But her friends and family members don’t see it that way. They want her to get “help” for her “addiction” issues. TMZ says:

Some of Christina Aguilera’s friends and business associates have been pleading with her for several months to get treatment for alcohol abuse.

[Ex-husband] Jordan Bratman voiced concern about Christina’s drinking when they hashed out their child custody agreement — [he wanted sole custody] — but they ultimately agreed on joint custody.

She shouldn’t worry. According to Charlie Sheen, she’s actually winning right now. They’re all just jealous of her totally bitchin’ rock star life.

Christina Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication early this morning and jailed “for her own safety” after her boyfriend was pulled over for DUI. People Magazine says:

Aguilera, 30, was a passenger in a car driven by boyfriend Matthew Rutler that was pulled over at 2:45 a.m. when deputies noticed the vehicle driving erratically. Both were booked, Aguilera for public intoxication, Rutler for DUI.

“She was not capable of taking care of herself. She was incapacitated,” said the spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’sDepartment. “It was a public safety issue. When she was able to think on her own, she was released.”

“Able to think on her own” is police talk for “sober enough to clean herself up.” There’s no convincing a cop you’re completely sober when you’re sitting in a pantload of your own filth. Trust me, they won’t even talk to you until you’ve wiped most of the vomit out of your hair. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your breath.

The happy couple in and around Los Angeles last month:

PHOTO CREDIT: Fame Pictures

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