Realizing the power of their marketability was lessened by their divorce, Jon and Kate Gosselin are reportedly considering combining their forces of suck once again.  Famewhore Twins activate! Says Digital Spy,

The reality stars – who divorced in 2009 – are said to have realised that they are “right for each other” since their split and may get back together in the near future, reports PopEater.
“They both realize how much they miss each other,” a source told the site.

“Neither one of them have been really happy since their ugly split and would love to turn back time to the point where they were both in love before fame took over.”

The insider continued: “After the split the (sic) both of them were out of control. Kate thought she was going to be dating Brad Pitt, and Jon was sure he was going to be a superstar.

“Neither one of them found what they were looking for when they were single and have both come to the conclusion that maybe they are right for each other.”

Jon also recently accepted a construction job with a Pennsylvania green energy company which the source claimed was in order to impress Kate.

A friend of Jon was quoted as saying: “Jon is in a great place. He is happy and knows what a fool he made of himself after his split from Kate.”

I have a hard time believing that no one was interested in dating a woman whose uterus had undergone the magical stretching of carrying a litter, let alone one with a narcissistic abusive personality. She happened to think she was a great catch. And Jon? No one wanted to make him a superstar? If a Mongoloid face and a teeny pecker doesn’t say “Superstar” all over it, I don’t know what does.

Vacationing in New Zealand, and doesn’t she look happy to be there?

jude lawsienna

Like a dog to its own vomit, Sienna Miller and Jude Law have somehow found their way back to each other. Star Magazine says

[Sienna and Jude] celebrated [Thanksgiving] together at the Italian restaurant Emporio in New York City.

An insider [said], “They had no problem flaunting their love right in the middle of the restaurant. They definitely looked like they were head-over-heels for each other. They came in holding hands and kept touching each other and kissing throughout the entire meal.”

A serial philanderer and a compulsive nymphomaniac! How could this possibly go wrong? It’s like it was written in the stars. Or possibly in “Syphilis and You: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Your STDs.” Congratulations to the happy couple!

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PHOTO SOURCE: Pacific Coast News

Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster do The Beaver

What will bring Mel Gibson back to the big screen, you say? A chance to get his hand up a beaver, that’s what! E!Online reports,

E! News can confirm that the Hollywood heavyweights, who last costarred in a movie together 15 years ago in Maverick, are set to join forces again for The Beaver.

A quirky comedy drama along the lines of 2007′s indie hit Lars and the Real Girl (or, depending on your humor, South Park), the Kyle Killen-penned script follows a down-and-out man (Gibson) who finds comfort wearing a beaver hand puppet. Foster will not only play his wife, but she’ll also helm the film, marking her first directing effort since 1995′s Home for the Holidays.

Well, if there’s anything that would draw apparent opposites lesbian Jodie Foster and chauvinist Mel Gibson together, it’s the love of the beaver.No word yet on whether the beaver puppet will be sporting sugartits.

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