Jennifer Lawrence had celebrity stylist Mark Townsend chop six inches off her hair on a whim an hour before she hit the red carpet at Saturday’s GLAAD Awards. He told Harper’s Bazaar:

“Jennifer showed up an hour before call time and as she opened the door she was like ‘Mark I want to cut it all off.’ I was like ‘What? Are we allowed to do that?’ And she said ‘Of course, it’s my hair!’

We went with a full-on shag, with bangs and a lot of face-framing layers. I loosened up the ends by chopping into them with thinning shears. I lost track of how many times she said ‘I love it!’ She was super excited. It’s the shortest her hair has been her whole life.

She doesn’t have to worry about keeping frizz down. She can just rock her natural texture.”

I really like it. This is the picture Karlie Klass should take her stylist the next time she goes in for a trim. And she might also wanna mention cutting it with something other than safety scissors and pruning shears. The right tools can make all the difference.

Jennifer + four other stars who looked completely different at the GLAAD Awards in the gallery above!


This is what Rumer Willis looked like the last time we saw her, so the ridiculously long and garish ombré hair extensions and the Malibu Barbie makeup is actually somehow an improvement, despite all evidence to the contrary. We’ll have to chalk it up as one of life’s great mysteries, like anti-matter or the continued success of the Kardashians.

If you aren’t bold enough for balayage, try the ombré trend in a variety of other forms:

JEWELERY: Love AJ ombré chain necklace goes with everything! ($143)

TANK: Aviu ombré vest looks great under a blazer or motorcycle jacket. ($282)

SWEATER: Generation Love ombré long-sleeve sweater is perfect for those blustery spring days when it still feels like winter. ($132)

SHOES: Reed Krakoff yellow-to-green ombré flats are a great way to add a punch of color to a neutral spring outfit — and they’re on sale! (reg $495 sale $175)

PANTS: Current/Elliot ombré jeans make a statement with your bottom half. Not recommended for the cankle-y. ($338)

BLOUSE: Eileen Fischer silk ombré wedge top looks great with skinny jeans and heels — and it also comes in blue! ($218)

FORMAL WEAR: Theia ombré petal slip gown looks like something Persephone would wear with a crown of laurel blossoms in her hair. ($995)

SWIMSUIT: Carmen Marc Valvo ombré maillot is an easy way to disguise a paunch. ($139)

ACCESSORIES: Juicy Couture ombré dip-dyed scarf brightens up the most boring of outfits. ($78)

DRESS: Diane von Furstenberg ombré drop-waist dress virtually eliminates the need for sucking in. ($425)


Until I saw these pictures of her in a bikini, I never noticed what a terrific figure Rumer Willis has on her, because I could never make it past the face. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. In the same sort of way you’re pleasantly surprised when you accidentally drop a butterscotch on the floor at Pet Smart and there’s not any dog hair stuck to it when you pick it back up.

In Miami with boyfriend Jayson Blair in a Magnum-PI-inspired bikini that doesn’t do her body justice. She should have gone with something a little sexier, like this snake print bikini from See by Chloe. Novel, because it wasn’t what you were expecting.

The audio from the 911 call made from Demi Moore’s home the night she went into a drug-induced seizure has been online for several days now, but for some reason people are just now getting around to noticing that her daughter Rumer is mentioned on the recording. The Daily Mail says:

During the 911 call, a male caller appears use [Rumer's] nickname, saying: ‘Hey, Ru, what’s the name at the gate so that we can buzz [the paramedics] in?’

A panicked female caller can first be heard saying: ‘She smoked something. It’s not marijuana, but it’s similar to incense… she’s convulsing and semi-conscious, barely.’

I can’t imagine anything lamer than doing whip-its with Rumer Willis. In fact, “doing whip-its with Rumer Willis” sounds like some kind of punishment. Like something you’d make a pledge do right before you force him to eat a bowl of mayonnaise while doing jumping jacks.

There’s a new romance in the air for Zac Efron. No, he hasn’t come clean and just gone ahead and started openly dating men, but he’s getting warmer. Radar Online says,

Longtime pals Zac Efron and Rumer Willis are taking their relationship to the next level, an insider tells Star. They celebrated their new status with a romantic Turks & Caicos getaway in late December.

“Zac had been trying to win back [High School Musical costar] Vanessa Hudgens, but she’s moved on” with Austin Butler, as Star revealed.

Zac, 24, finally realized that the right woman had been there for him all along. “At first, they’d socialize in groups, then Rumer started going over to Zac’s L.A. house,” says the insider. “She’d decorate and make the place really home — then she began spending the night, and they’re acting like a couple. Zac told Rumer he’s developing strong feelings for her.”

Of course he’d have her over to help him decorate. The girl’s got a chin like a mallet. Don’t tell me that doesn’t come in handy when you want to drive a few nails in the wall to hang some pictures. He doesn’t risk getting his pretty fingers smashed, he keeps up the illusion of not being gay, and her, well, gay guys are great experts at girl talk, right? It’s a win-win situation.

The Beard That Got Away: Vanessa Hudgens sucking face with current boyfriend Austin Butler in Hawaii:


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