Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is finding himself in hot water after allegedly reneging on a deal with a clothing company. And no, it wasn’t a deal that he wouldn’t wear their clothing. I know, weird, right? Digital Spy says,

The Jersey Shore star and his brother received a $25,000 (£16,000) payment from Serious Pimp to promote their line of T-shirts on the MTV show and a variety of social media outlets, but failed to continue working with the brand.
TMZ reports that Serious Pimp launched the legal challenge in an effort to recoup the figure and obtain compensation from Sorrentino for lost profits.

Sorrentino and his brother were also given the opportunity to approve deigns for the garments, but “simply disappeared” with the money, according to the website.

Gee, you hand a sleazy greaseball wop a wad of cash and you’re surprised when he doesn’t hold up his end of the deal? I say you’re lucky if that’s all that happens. Normally I’d expect him to knock all the females in your family while he’s at it.

Emmy Rossum at the Showtime TCA party:

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