Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Irina Shayk is practically topless on the cover of next month’s South African GQ, so you can see why this is instantly newsworthy. But you should know that there’s more to her than her “outside beauty.” In fact, she thinks a woman’s inside beauty is the most beautiful beauty of all. She tells the magazine:

Every woman can feel beautiful. Even if she doesn’t look too pretty, when she starts to talk then people will see her beauty inside and after that they’ll see her beauty outside, too. The two work together.

I assume that’s where everybody burst into hysterical laughter and knee slapping. She probably had to stop and catch her breath just so she could point at a passing stylist assistant and add, “But seriously, though, if were that ugly, I would just kill myself.”


Those “water goddess” pictures of Kim Kardashian I put up earlier this week were actually part of her shoot for next month’s South African FHM. Because really, with all the HIV, gang rape, and rampant murder, why wouldn’t you want to do a bikini shoot in South Africa? For authenticity’s sake, though, they should have included a few shots of a farmer getting stabbed in the neck and maybe a school girl or two being jackrolled in the background. These just smack of American opulence.



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