Meet the charming ladies(?) of UK “dirty pop” group Fe-Nix. From their Myspace (gag gag) page, their bio reads:

Hailing from the UK, this four-piece dirty pop band made up of Jade (21), Ayshan (25), Tanya (24) and Priceless (22) are about to take Britain by storm with their brilliant new debut single, ‘Lady Baby’, a funkier twist on the R&B classic, My Boo (Ghost Town DJ’s).

After performing all over the UK individually the girls decided to combine their talents (after meeting each other through their dance class) and form a hot new girl group, but something was missing. They found what they were looking for in the form of Priceless. With the addition of this sassy lyricist from Wolverhampton the foursome hit it off and so, Fe-Nix was born!

Their musical tastes are varied; the ladies are big fans of Beyonce, Jazmin Sullivan, Alicia Keys, Michael Bolton, Turkish Music, Bob Marley, Mariah and The Pussycat Dolls. It is actually the latter who the ladies are compared to most.

Other comparisons include hit acts such as Misteeq and Booty Luv, however Fe-nix bring their own unique signature sound combining their diverse ethnicity’s, music tastes and eclectic styles.

Now, I’m not completely convinced that all of these shrinking violets have two X chromosomes, if you know what I mean. For example, Exhibit A: “Jade” up there seems a little too taken with her own rack. Kind of like she’s never seen it before, kind of like how a man might react if he suddenly woke up with two bouncing boobies on his chest and his penis missing. Maybe the UK really IS overrun with fugly women, so the masterminds at their record label went an unorthodox route to dredging up some t&a. The mystery and the self-discovery continues in Exhibit B, after the jump:

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