mike tyson's daughter accident

Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter Exodus is on life support today after somehow getting her neck caught in a treadmill cable over the weekend. People Magazine says

The girl was reportedly found by her 7-year-old brother with her neck caught in a cable attached to a treadmill.

The boy alerted the girl’s mother in another room. Her mother called 911 and tried to revive her. Mike Tyson was said to be in Las Vegas at the time of the accident, but has returned home.

Phoenix police told FOX News, “Somehow she was playing on this treadmill, and there’s a cord that hangs under the console – it’s kind of a loop. Either she slipped or put her head in the loop, but it acted like a noose, and she was obviously unable to get herself off of it.”

Emergency personnel performed CPR on Exodus, who was rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital where she remains on life support. [Officers] described her condition as “extremely critical.”

If there’s one thing my years as a professional journalist have taught me, it’s that innocent children on hovering on the edge of death aren’t exactly “snark material,” so enjoy these pictures of Kim Kardashian in a bikini instead. And then go hug your kid if you have one.

UPDATE: TMZ is now reporting that Exodus died at 11:45 this morning. So, so sad.

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