Chris Brown won a Grammy for best R&B album for his fourth album F.A.M.E. Sunday night, much to the dismay of country singer Miranda Lambert, who loudly voiced her displeasure on her Twitter. In response, Chris Tweeted (via the Daily Mail):

‘Strange how we pick and choose who to hate! Let me ask u this. Our society is full of rappers (which I listen to) who have sold drugs (poisoning).

‘But yet we glorify them and imitate everything they do.

‘Then right before the worlds eyes a man shows how he can make a Big mistake and learn from it, but still has to deal with day to day hatred! You guys love to hate!!! But guess what???’


The tweets have since been removed from Brown’s account, but it doesn’t matter, because he’s an asshole, and he’s always gonna be an asshole. And if there’s one thing everybody hates, it’s reading about assholes all damn day. I’m sure you work with enough of them to fill your daily requirement (if you weren’t born into a family of them already). So instead, I give you the only antidote powerful enough to counteract that kind of Chris Brown assholery — Sophia Grace and Rosie on the red carpet at the Grammys!:

Since getting that stupid-ass tattoo this past week, Rihanna has received criticism over the message that it conveys. You know, the message other than being a stupid twat. Says Digital Spy,

While many Twitter users spoke out against the body art, claiming that Rihanna was glorifying gang culture, she has since taken to the social networking site to defend her decision.

“I #LOVE my new tattoo!!! Can’t wait for yall to see it!!! I got it in ‘Tibetan’ this time!!! #approved,” she wrote.

“Chill babes #noshade. Err’body has an opinion, but yall know what yall can do with them!!! #THUGLIFE (sic)”

Rihanna later joked: “I’m thinking I shoulda got a tear drop instead!!! #THUGLIFE maybe next time. “All eyes on Rih, betta picture me rollin’ #THUGLIFE.”

I personally think a baboon making smoke signals while picking its ass would be easier to decipher than that ghettospeak. Seriously, if you’re going to make the effort to spell out err’body complete with an apostrophe, you should just go ahead and fucking spell the word you’re bastardizing. That shit is a whole different level of pretentiousness.

Keepin’ it classy with no bra and nipple barbells:

Rihanna took to her Twitter to show off her latest tattoo: the words “Thug Life” etched in pink on her knuckles in an apparent tribute to the rapper credited with coining the phrase infamously tattooed across his stomach, Tupac Shakur. Rihanna could have done worse, I guess. She could have been wearing a pair of Thug Life overalls and matching chef’s hat when she got the tattoo. You just know Tupac wishes he had that one back.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Is it just me, or does she look like Will Smith in a novelty afro wig that spent the afternoon being batted around by a cat? Discuss.

More twitpics of her getting tatted up:

In an earlier post, I may have insinuated that Rihanna was a bit of an attention-whore. I was wrong. She’s actually a huge attention-whore. I’m glad we finally got a chance to clear that up.

In Hawaii with her friends (via Twitter):

Despite recently reuniting with her husband of sixteen days, it’s not been all sunshine and roses for 45-year-old Sinead O’Connor. In fact, just yesterday she took to Twitter to announce that she was “really unwell” and in need of immediate psychiatric attention. The Daily Mail says:

Taking to the social networking site, the mother-of-four claimed that she was in ‘danger’ if she didn’t receive medicine immediately.

The singer began her series of odd Tweets by claiming that Ireland is a ‘VERY hard place to find help in.’

‘Does any1 know a psychiatrist in dublin or wicklow who could urgently see me today please? im really un-well… and in danger,’ she tweeted to her 5,422 followers.

And just what does Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel in their Spring 2012 swimsuit catalog have to do with Sinead O’Connor? Not a goddamn thing. After that tattoo, I thought you’d already suffered enough.

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