Here’s Lady Gaga in Paris on the December 21st, sans pants and shirt. Paris’ temperature on that day was a balmy 39°, so you can see why she wouldn’t need the extravagance of superfluous clothing. I am happy to see though, that she’s well prepared for a flood with those boots, and she’s ready to be walked on a leash if someone mistakes her for a dog. Which, with her face, is not a big stretch.

Fugging up Paris:

Now that she and Jim Carrey are over, Jenny McCarthy’s found herself a new man — one who comes with his own supply of bronzer and hot wax. The Daily Mail says

The ex-Playboy model [was] snapped as she partied in Las Vegas with Jason Toohey, a fitness instructor who also performs as a pirate at the Treasure Island Hotel.

And while their relationship has only just become public knowledge, the former Playboy model, 37, and Toohey, 35, have been quietly dating for two months.

And it was Toohey who posted the intimate shot of them on Facebook.

“Underwear model/fitness instructor/Treasure Island pirate/Jenny McCarthy’s new boyfriend” is a lot to fit on one business card. He’d be better off going with the all-encompassing “douchebag extraordinaire.” Sometimes less is more.

Before she was sent to the pokey, Lindsay Lohan posed for some Inferno promos shot by Tyler Shields. The only thing different about these promo pics and Lindsay’s normal life is…hm, probably nothing. Except maybe the granny pants.

This is why you should always remove the covers off the beds in motels:

The last time I saw a body like that, it was hanging on a cross. Absolutely no disrespect intended, but that’s how most artists like to depict Christ. All long-torsoed and bony, although I’d expect Russell Brand to be sporting a pair of horns and cloven hooves rather than a halo.   He’s always given me the heebs. I have no idea how he’s been so popular with the ladies (fame does wonders for you, I guess). His peen must have a fully functioning colony living on it by now.  Katy Perry can have him. I wouldn’t touch him with Lady Gaga’s dick.

On the set in NYC on the set of Arthur:

Now you too can be a sparklepants! Marks & Spencer (they’re probably gay) are designing a line of panties men’s underwear that are inspired by Sparklepants-in-Chief Robert Pattinson. Says Digital Spy,

The slim-fit garments will be called the R-Pant, reports The Guardian.

The range of low-rise trunks and briefs are meant to be worn with skinny jeans like the kind worn by Pattinson.

The Twilight star will not appear in ad campaigns for the line nor has he endorsed it. However, Pattinson was recently spotted shopping at the retailer’s stores.

The underwear will also sport an absorbent layer in the crotch in case of spontaneous menstruation. Also look for R-Pant With Wings, coming this fall!

With Reese Witherspoon on the set of Like Water for Elephants:

Photo Source: Fame Pictures

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