First, I thought it was Uma Thurman on the cover of next month’s Vogue, and then I thought it might be someone wearing a Jerry Hall mask. Then I thought maybe it was Gillian Anderson as Meryl Streep. I was wrong. Turns out it’s actually Kate Winslet‘s avatar. I know, I was surprised, too!

Web finds, fails, + fashion:

Joe Jonas’ wife’s pregnancy is all a sham, and they’re planning a “miscarriage” for a mid-season’s ratings boost. If Kris Jenner is the devil, then Ryan Seacrest is Hell’s Secretary of the Interior. (BG)

What do you do when your teacher goes into labor? Snap a selfie with her laboring in the background, of course! (Gawker)

Brandi Glanville appears to have borrowed Kate Winslet’s Jerry Hall mask for a little shameless exhibitionism yoga in the park. (Celebitchy)

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell got married. (Bitten & Bound)

Fun fact: Adrian Brody and Steven Segal are both banned from ever returning to Saturday Night Live! (Mandatory)

Michael Bay was attacked by a guy with an air conditioner. But then who doesn’t want to attack Michael Bay with an air conditioner? (popbytes)

Now Britney Spears is targeting gays and her own family members with her terrible music. (Evil Beet)

Must-have jegging. M-U-S-T. (Modavanti)

Natasha Lyonne unleashes a torrent of spoilers for season two of “Orange is the New Black.” (Pajiba)

Is Sarah Palin drunk here?! (Jezebel)

Jennifer Lopez breaks up with her twenty-something boyfriend Casper Smart, telling him he was “a nobody.” Then she probably put him in time out and took away his chocolate milk. (Daily Stab)

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After legendary Vogue editor Anna Wintour got an eyeful of Miley Cyrus’ MTV Video Music Awards “performance” last week, she eighty-sixed the December cover that Miley had already shot in favor of someone less “distasteful.” Buuuuuurn! The Daily Mail says:

20-year-old Cyrus was photographed for the December issue as editor-in-chief Anna Wintour had been eager to champion her as a new fashion icon.

But she soon changed her mind after witnessing the singer perform her overtly sexual routine in latex bra and knickers.

“Anna found the whole thing distasteful,’ a source says. ‘She decided, based on Miley’s performance, to take the cover in a ‘different direction.’”

This could have been one of those defining moments in Miley’s life — landing the cover of the most iconic fashion magazine of our time — something she could look back on when she’s older with proud nostalgia and share with the grandkids. But NO. No, instead she decided to wear rubber underpants and ride a foam finger like Sea Biscuit at the Brooklyn Handicap. Welcome to rock bottom, Miley.

Photos from her new “Bangerz” album in the gallery above.


I didn’t think I liked Nicole Kidman’s shoes in this Jimmy Choo ad. But then I thought maybe I really liked them. But then I decided I didn’t like them. But I think maybe I like them.

Five pair of Jimmy Choos I definitely like:

  1. Jimmy Choo Anouk pink suede pumps, because every girl needs a hot pink high heel like Barbie. ($595)
  2. And since every girl also needs a shiny red shoe, the Anouk pointy-toe pump also comes in red patent leather. ($595)
  3. Jimmy Choo’s Crown Navy glitter open-toe pumps should be paired with black satin tuxedo shorts and an appletini. (reg $745 sale $498)
  4. These Jimmy Choo yellow and black Agnes degradé leather pumps remind me of race cars, and I like to go fast. ($695)
  5. But you can also get the tasteful neutral business edition of the Agnes degradé pump. ($695)

All of Nicole’s Jimmy Choo Fall 2013 ads + five of my favorite Jimmy Choo pumps in the gallery above (plus bonus Nicole in next month’s Vogue Germany)!


You can put her in couture on the cover of Vogue magazine, but Kate Upton is still just the poor man’s Anna Nicole Smith. No amount of eyebrow pencil or hair gel will ever convince me otherwise!


Kate Upton’s photo shoot in the June issue of Vogue has a real “Eva Herzigova in her Wonderbra heyday” look about it, and it really works for her. It’s a lot better than her photo shoot for V magazine, which had more of a “would you like us to stay on the line until help arrives” feel to it.

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