Everyone’s been pointing the finger at Marc Anthony as the impetus behind his and Jennifer Lopez’ split, saying he’s too controlling and banned her from doing nude scenes — but it seems that Jennifer Lopez may have been having an affair with the cheesedick that starred in her “I’m Into You” video (below) behind his back. The Daily Mail says:

William Levy, dubbed “The Brad Pitt of Cuba,” flatly denied that he and Lopez had a relationship while filming her music video for “I’m Into You” in April. [Interestingly, though], Levy separated from his wife of eight years a month after the video shoot.

Levy [said]: ‘The only relationship there was or is is a professional relationship. That’s all there’s ever been. She is a very sincere and fun person.’

Jennifer Lopez might have to temporarily put her new love on hold, however, because he’s currently being sued for sexual battery of a minor. That has a way of eating up a lot of your free time. Radar Online says:

[The plaintiff claims in documents filed earlier this week]: “Through deception and trickery Levy lured Plaintiff back to the Hilton Hotel [and] forced Plaintiff to perform oral sex on him, strangling her in the process. He ejaculated in her mouth, on her person, through which he transmitted a sexual disease to plaintiff.”

Levy states the plaintiff “gave consent to any and all alleged acts” and that the alleged victim “willfully, fraudulently, and maliciously deceived [Levy] into believing that she was a 19-year-old consenting adult.” Levy also claims the minor tried to exhort $950,000 from him in exchange for her silence.

The unnamed minor asked for $2.5 million in damages and Levy countersued for defamation and extortion.

Getting an STD from “The Brad Pitt of Cuba” is like getting the shits from Mexican wine. It sorta just comes with the territory.

Here’s Jennifer Lopez on the set of her new music video in Mexico, with hot non-Skeletor William Levy, the “Brad Pitt of Mexico”. There’s a reason that she’s clinging to his chest, and it’s not just to be convincing for the camera. You would too if all you had at home was a cold, concave-chested, sallow-skinned member of the undead lying in your bed.

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