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That 70s Show’s Laurie Gets DUI, Goes to Hell in a Handbasket

This is not one of those Faces of Meth before and after photos — it’s the chick who played Eric Foreman’s sister Laurie on “That 70’s Show” being booked for drunk driving back in August. No word as to what became of her ten cats and tattered bathrobes. The Daily Mail says:

40-year-old Lisa Robin Kelly was arrested in North Carolina in August [and] pleaded guilty to one count of driving while intoxicated.

Kelly starred in over 50 episodes of That 70’s Show, [but] was mysteriously let go and replaced after the fifth season and hasn’t had a notable role since.

In the seven years since her last show, her physical appearance has changed dramatically.

The former blonde bombshell looked drawn and bedraggled in her police booking photo, with blotchy skin and messy tangled hair.

No way that’s the same chick! She was so goddamn hot before. Let’s just hope this is actually a Laurie from the future sent back in time to warn us that the machines are about to become self-aware.

Jimmy Choo rich-bitch Tamara Mellon and her melons in a bikini, because future Laurie needs to return to 2051:

PHOTO CREDIT: Fame Pictures