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The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka is Gay

Even though “The Bachelor” star Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi didn’t actually have sex for most of their relationship, Jake wants everyone to know that he is NOT gay. And never has a more non-gay sentiment been proclaimed in such a masculine fashion (via Radar Online):

A friend of The Bachelor star since childhood [claims] the lack of intimacy with Vienna is not because of Jake’s sexual orientation, [saying], “Look at him. He’s the all-American perfect catch of a guy. If he wanted to go out and just get laid by beautiful women, he could, no doubt. But sex to him means and has always meant something. He was that guy in high school that waited for the relationship to deepen before he slept with a girl.”

Oh, we had a word for those kind of guys back in high school. “Fag” and “homo” and “tearoom queen,” as I recall. I’d have an easier time believing the bandana-ed butt pirate from “Big Time Rush” liked vagina than I would this queer.

Feigning heterosexual love for the cameras in March: