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Tyra Banks Poops Her Pants


A blogger for Paper magazine named Fabian Basabe wrote yesterday that former model turned talk show host Tyra Banks crapped herself at Fashion Week. Now her hatred of pants makes a little more sense, doesn’t it? According to Gawker

Basabe was filming an interview in the W suite at the tents [when] a whole cadre of people barged in and kicked him out [because] Tyra needed to change her clothes… because of an “incident.” Apparently they had a spare change of clothes all lined up which made him wonder if it’s happened before. Basabe’s [used] the icky term “messed herself” [several times in his post].

Ooh, that’s hot. Well, maybe not so much “hot” as “warm and steamy and likely to chap.”

Tyra with unsoiled draws at the Jill Stuart fashion show February 4th: