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Would You Rather: Kerry Washington’s Clip-in Color or Diane Kruger’s Dip-Dyed Ends

Would You Rather Kerry Wahshington or Diane Kruger

“Would you rather” is a classic game in which two worst-case scenarios are pitted against each other and you must choose one of the options, no matter how terrible it might be. For example, “Would you rather slide down a banister of razor blades into a pool of Texas Pete, or slide down a banister covered in Texas Pete and land in a pool of razor blades?” The new celebrity beauty trend of putting colored crap in your hair naturally lent itself to this game, because every way you slice it, it’s bad. Unless you’re thirteen or a blood relative of Rainbow Brite, you’re not pulling this look off.

Sooo… would you rather dip-dye your ends like Diane Kruger, or clip-in some color a la Kerry Washington?