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Zac Efron Impressed by Daniel Radcliffe’s Balls

Daniel Radcliffe & Zac Efron

Proof that you can always manage to be more gay, Zac Efron has declared his admiration of Daniel Radcliffe’s balls. Now Magazine has the scoop:

Zac Efron is impressed that Daniel Radcliffe has been baring all in stage play Equus.

The High School Musical 3 hero, 20, was rumoured to be replacing Dan, 19, in the Broadway version of the show next year.

But he’s not sure about getting naked – and admires the bravery of the Harry Potter star, who’s been appearing starkers and wowing audiences in the Big Apple since September.

‘Daniel was very ballsy,’ Zac tells a French website.

‘Oh wow, that is the wrong choice of word for that! He is very smart. But I don’t know if I would do something edgy for the sake of doing something edgy. I think as I mature, so will my roles. I think it will come with time. I’m not going to do anything drastic.’

Oh come on, Zac. You’re not foolin’ us none. Admit it–being a part of the visual and audio abomination that is High School Musical has caused your penis to shrink back in on itself and your groin to swallow your balls. Maybe if he isn’t willing to take off his pants, well, maybe he can just play the mount.